Monday, June 29, 2015

Bubble Soccer - A New Soccer Version...

Bubble Soccer

If you love soccer but are afraid of the injuries, there in one new version of soccer for you. It is called Bubble Soccer. It is what it sounds, playing soccer in a bubble.

The game was invented in 2011 by Henrik Elvestad along with Johan Golden. Today, Bubble Soccer is one of the fastest growing sports format.

As per the size of the field, the game has 5-8 players on each side. The game consists of 7 minute quarters. Though it may look fun, but the things are not as sweet as they sound. The bubbles are heavy weighing about 30 pounds and players need to use their arms to balance due to lack of momentum.

The game has its own possibilities of injuries, especially to neck and ankles. So, one must wear the proper safety gear.

The game is great fun, and you must try it at the next opportunity. To learn more about this please click here.

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Unknown said...

I have tried bubble soccer once and it was really fun.
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