Sunday, June 21, 2015

Marsala - PANTONE color of 2015...

marsala - pantone color of year 2015

If you are a fashion buff and are always looking for what is most happening in the field, then you must know the Pantone color of the year. Last year it was Radiant Orchid

For 2015 it is "Marsala" - A wine red earthly color.

Pantone are declaring color of the year for last quarter century, and knowing the same will make sure that you ahead of the fashions trends. The color is so important that influences art, fashion designing and home interiors alike.

marsala - pantone color of year 2015

The color was in use till 1970 and choosing it again will surely bring in the vintage affect in today's trends. It is earthy wine red color and has a natural earthy and style attached to it. The color inspires stability and confidence.

The color is perfect to be used as the base color or for decorating the room centerpiece in your home. The color can be used with equal perfection for polished, matte finish or the textured surfaces in your home or studios. The color is perfect to try new ideas with any room, be it bedroom, living room or the dining room.

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