Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rotimatic is Pure Magic...

roti maker

There is no doubt about the daily rush of today’s lifestyle. We want to have and experience all. Such a situation leaves us with little time for routine but important things. One such area that gets neglected is planning proper food for family, especially in case of working couples.

For working ladies, after the day’s work at office, reaching home late and then struggling to make dough, making rotis etc though looks simple but it is not so.

Technology is to make life simple, and so a new product has been launched with brand name Rotimatic, that can change the way we have been used to making rotis.

Perhaps it is the best product to improve the lives of women after introduction of LPG gas stove, mixer-grinder and fully automatic washing machine.

It is just “fill it, shut it and have your rotis”, at rate of 1 piece per minute. It is a very promising product, and will be available soon in retail market. It will be a sure hit, a product that can guarantee healthy eating and better living.

What is Rotimatic?

Rotimatic is a flatbed making robotic machine. Once loaded with material (flour, oil and water) it can make 20 rotis at the rate of 1 piece per minute; something enough for a medium size family. You can adjust the oil, roti thickness and also the level of roasting.

How much money will it cost?

roti maker

The product is yet to be released in open market, but was sold at $599 during pre-launch. As the market will grow the product price will certainly come down. But, the product may be worth even at the current rate for the convenience that it gives.

The machine just weighs 18 KG and has dimensions of 40cm x 40 cm x 45 cm. It is just like an average microwave.

At present it is pre launched in US and Singapore and the product has been taken well by customers. The promoters are in the process of establishing the manufacturing and distribution networks and soon you will have your Rotimatic available in the friendly neighborhood product shop.

After that life will never be the same again...

Finally, to know more about this awesome product click on rotimatic official site.

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Fan said...

The making of this product is done in a unique way, so the handling is effortless. The plates, knobs as well as the pressing handles are made with special care to let loose the effort of the users. With the purchase of roti maker users can ignore the long time standing before the gas stove for preparing roti. By following simple steps, users can avoid the usual proceedings such as rolling of dough, pressing it tightly on the plate so on for making roti and chapati. The users can make thin and soft rotis within minutes by using this roti maker machine. Users have to simply place the dough in the center of the lower plate of this device.

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