Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Skin tight jeans can cost your legs....

If you wear very tight jeans then it can cost you your legs. Such jeans are bad for the women's' health as they interfere in blood supply. 

One such incident has come up in Australia when legs of a 35 years woman got swollen because of such jeans.

The problem became so acute that the jeans had to be removed by cutting off. The doctors found out that the woman was working for hours in home after wearing the skin tight jeans. After few hours the legs got affected and she fell down such that she was not in a position to stand back on her legs.

It was observed that if the situation would have continued for some more time the lady would have lost her legs.

So, while choosing your jeans next time you must be a careful so as not to wear too tight jeans. 

You can rather choose the loose pants or simply little loose jeans.

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